Sensemaking or sense-making is the process by which people give meaning to their collective experiences. It has been defined as "the ongoing retrospective development of plausible images that rationalize what people are doing" (Weick, Sutcliffe, & Obstfeld, 2005, p. 409).



Weick (1995:4) menar att meningsskapande handlar om hur, varför och med vilka konsekvenser individer konstruerar det som de konstruerar. Support for Service-Learning: A Case Study of Organizational Sensemaking‪.‬ time is reported through the lens of Weick's (1995) Organizational Information  av E Wall · 2009 · Citerat av 8 — Key words: sensemaking of risk, place attachment, young people, traffic inom forskning med fokus pa osakerhet inom organisationer (se till exempel Weick. Upplaga 3). Weick, K., Sutcliffe, K. & Obstfeld, D. (2005) Organizing and the process of sensemaking.

Weick sensemaking

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Wenger: Communities of practice. Weick: Sensemaking  Enligt Weick (1995) utgör den en tolkningsram inom vilken ytterligare som ”meningsskapande” (sensemaking) och beskriver att processen  **Weick, K. E. (1995). Sensemaking In Organizations. Källor. Abrahamsson, B., & Andersen, J. A. (2000). Organisation – att beskriva och förstå organisationer  av I Gerrbo · 2012 · Citerat av 175 — narrative tools alongside process theoretical concepts such as sensemaking, organization theory, process theory, sensemaking, tool dropping, mindfulness, organisationer – och då inte minst skolor – som löst kopplade system (Weick,  Karl.

Kunskap i praktiken skapas i sitt sammanhang Wenger: Communities of practice Weick: Sensemaking Bild Annika Andén. Evidens Klinisk kunskap Tilltro Ref: 

He confirms that the organisation cannot be imagined as an architectural design, static and prescriptive, but should be described as a Sensemaking does not have a strict definition per se, but here are several examples from Weick. The basic idea of sensemaking is that reality is an ongoing accomplishment that emerges from efforts to create order and make retrospective sense of what occurs.

av J SVENSSON — Keywords: Change communication, sensemaking, motivation, middle manager, organizational Weick (1995) utgår från två ledord i den meningsskapande.

sozialer Interaktionen, ein Prozess den Weick als „Sensemaking“ (englisch  Making Sense of Sensemaking: Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jamie Wheal, Jordan Hall. This three-way emergent conversation is unlike anything we've released  70% of organisation change initiatives fail to achieve their goals, business performance suffers, and hundreds of people's livelihoods are threatened.

Weick sensemaking

The process is seen as the  Karl Edward Weick är en amerikansk organisations teoretiker. Han publicerade artikeln.
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Weick sensemaking

Date Written: November 2020. Abstract. In this essay, I  Dervin explains that "Sense-Making reconceptualizes factizing (the making of facts Weick's view of sensemaking is a process that is highly collaborative,  Pris: 839 kr. Häftad, 1995. Skickas inom 7-10 vardagar.

Weick, K., Sutcliffe, K. & Obstfeld, D. (2005) Organizing and the process of sensemaking. Organization Science, 16(4), 409-421. how Common Operating Picture ('Samlad lägesbild in Swedish') could be understood as collective sensemaking ('the Karl Weick version'). Kunskap i praktiken skapas i sitt sammanhang.
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and sensemaking, Weick argues that it is more useful to dispense with the ‘and’ and discuss organizing ‘as’ sensemaking, organizing ‘through’ sensemaking, or organizing ‘for’ sensemaking (Weick, 2001, p.95). Organization emerges from an ongoing process in which people organize to make sense of

Weick's thoughts can be applied to game theory because the game player must organize his pieces much as the manager must organize his people. 2015-12-08 2019-07-31 Sensemaking in Organizations: The Mann Gulch Disaster Karl E. Weick University of Michigan? 1993 by Cornell University. 0001 -8392/93/3804-0628/$1 .00.

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Sensemaking, which was introduced and popularized by Karl Weick in 1969, is a concept that is accompanied by great irony. On the one hand, sensemaking aims to provide clarity and meaning to obscure phenomena (Weick, 1969, 1979, 1995); on the other hand, the conceptual

Weick, K., Sutcliffe, K. & Obstfeld, D. (2005) Organizing and the process of sensemaking.