voice actor and singer from Tokyo. He is affiliated with Haikyō. His popular roles include Keigo Atobe in The Prince of Tennis, Victor Nikiforov in Yuri!!! on ICE, 



on Ice Anime Badge Prince Victor Nikiforov Yuuri Katsuki Yuri Plisetsky Metal Badge Brooch Pins. Details about avex Blanket YURI ON ICE Yuri Plisetsky  yuri Plisetsky #victor Nikiforov #yuri On Ice #yuri - Виктор Yuri Katsuki and Yuri Plisetsky (Yurio) Flere artikler. Yuri Plisetsky Age · Yuri Plisetsky Voice Actor. Victor Nikiforov VOICE. Jerry Jewell. Junichi Suwabe.

Victor nikiforov voice actor

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Even it has happened in 2016, but some of the public still curious about what is exactly happening and to be the reason there is a rumor comes out about his gay. At that time he became the massive social networking rumor. The public, especially his fans are shocked. Jerry Jewell. Jerry Jewell is a voice actor known for voicing Kyo Sohma, Lyon Bastia, and Russia. Take a visual walk through his career and see 169 images of the characters he's voiced and listen to 6 clips that showcase his performances.

Yuri!!! On Ice Gets New Cast Member, English Website, by Mike On Ice anime series added TV Asahi announcer Taihei Katō to the show's voice cast! Katsuki Yuri, Victor Nikiforov Sasunaru, Anime Kärlek, Cosplay, Tecknad Figur, Fanart.

Voice Actor Japan. Anime News Network.

voice actor and singer from Tokyo. He is affiliated with Haikyō. His popular roles include Keigo Atobe in The Prince of Tennis, Victor Nikiforov in Yuri!!! on ICE, 

On Ice: 10 Things You Never Knew About The Popular Skating Victor Nikiforov and Evgeni Plushenko and John Cameron Mitchell . Victor, winner of five consecutive World Championships, Grand Prix, and many other competitions, is the rockstar-esque and legendary retired Russian figure skater who decided to coach Yūri.

Victor nikiforov voice actor

In which Victor is an actor, Yuuri owns a café, and their dogs just want them to be together. Actor Victor Nikiforov; Dancer Katsuki Yuuri; kpop; Drunk Victor Nikiforov; Summary. Actor Victor doesn't want to be at Chris's wrap partyuntil a special delivery of katsudon arrives, brought by the errant extra he's been pining over, Yuuri Katsuki. It was not a rent boy on the other side of the door. Will I ever emerge from this anime hell? Who knows.Validate me with arbitrary clicks and comments.
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Victor nikiforov voice actor

Fruits Basket the Final. TV (2+ eps Junichi Suwabe (諏訪部 順一 Suwabe Jun'ichi) is a voice actor affiliated with Haikyo. 1 Roles 1.1 Other Roles 2 Trivia 3 External Links 4 References Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy - Voice of Absolute Tartarus One Piece - voice of Vergo Fairy Tail - voice of Freed Justine Bleach - voice of Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez GinTama - voice of Goemon Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) - voice of

He is known for the roles of Victor Nikiforov in YURI!!!
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D Agent - Loki Escort (uncredited)), Kirill Nikiforov (Weaselly Thug), Arthur Scenic Artist : Victor Morales, Art Direction : Randy Moore, Production Design : James Dana Green (Voice Actor (voice)), Eunkyung Song (Korean Translator Voice 

When their two worlds collide in a series of chance encounters, Yuuri's life goes from mind-numbingly aimless to chaos as he's swept up into a life he never imagined for himself. Voiced most times by Jerry Jewell, Yasuhiro Takato.

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Jun 28, 2017 Junichi Suwabe is my favourite voice actor does the voice of Viktor Nikiforov in Yuri on Ice, but di.

Victor NIkiforov.