Comma-delimited list of item names used to set session state with a URL. itemValues. List of item values used to set session state within a URL. Item values cannot include colons, but can contain commas if enclosed with backslashes. To pass a comma in an item value, enclose the characters with backslashes. For example: \123,45\ PrinterFriendly


On the Mac, go to Things > Preferences > General > Enable Things URLs > Manage. On iOS, go to Settings > General > Things URLs.

ShortUrl allows the creation of vanity and shortcut hyperlinks using directly from the Ribbon Menu and/or any List/Library Items Context Menu. I have tried to create a new custom link and put the URL to # and then under Here you can change the URL for a menu item to # to make it lead nowhere. A direct access URL is an easy to read URL that users can enter to get to a specific item, document, page, category, or perspective. Direct access URLs for pages. WEB_SECURITY.FUNC_SET//"功能设置" }); $("#global-enable").checkbox({ items: [ {boxlabel: $.su.CHAR.WEB_SECURITY.ENABLE_WEBSEC, inputValue:  URL}}.php">{{menu.title}}